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Local Business Showcase @ 8:30AM & 2:30PM Tuesdays

8:30 AM & 2:30 PM Tuesdays:  105-1 FM 1340 AM WENT features the history, goods & services provided by a local business on our Local …

Woofs on WENT @ 8:30AM Wednesdays

8:30 AM Wednesdays: 105-1 FM 1340 AM WENT hosts Woofs on WENT Wednesday. Sponsored by Harvey’s Pet, 250 N. Comrie Ave, Johnstown. Each week, the …

Talk of the Town @ 9:00 Saturdays

9:00 AM Saturdays: 105-1 FM 1340 AM WENT takes the pulse on community connection with Talk of the Town, hosted by Jason Subik. Check out …

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