Sarah Apple

Hometown: Duanesburg, NY

Occupation: Production Assistant, Radio Personality, and Pet Care Specialist

Star sign: Leo

Education: SUNY Plattsburgh

Say hello to your new Saturday Morning host! Sarah Apple is a multi-instrument musician, audio engineer, and animal care specialist. A SUNY Plattsburgh graduate with a B.S. in Music Arts Management and Audio Radio Production, Sarah has had a profound love for audio and music from a very young age.

Beyond the realm of music, Sarah has dedicated herself to the care of animals. When she’s not at WENT, she can most likely be found working as a Pet Care Specialist at PetSmart. She specializes in hamsters, aquatics, cats, reptiles… you name it! Sarah has her own “personal zoo” at home, where she has two cats (Lola and Lucy), a hamster (Howard Dean), and two fish tanks for her two betta fish (Terry and Oswald).