Patti Noble

Hometown: Gloversville, NY

Patti was born & raised in Gloversville, NY; left to discover the world & returned to discover herself. She is a veteran of stage, screen & radio with her first radio gig reporting ‘The Lighter Side of the News’ at her college station.

Throughout her performance career she has done radio & TV voice-overs, was ‘Patti with Traffic’ (yes, she flew around in a single-prop Cessna!), has done a couple morning shows, an overnight weekend gig, a Top 40 Countdown, wrote & produced a ‘Blockbuster Video Hour’ reviewing films on an AM station; has sat in with many a jock (can you say ‘sidekick’?) & has done some fun remotes.

Her love of all genres of music has found her work in Classic Rock, Top 40, Public Radio, News, Adult Contemporary & she has donned the headsets in Syracuse, NY; Memphis, TN; Little Rock, AR; Johnstown, NY; & Troy, NY.

Patti has happily found herself at WENT, doing Patti’s Midday Getaway!

Click your heels three times & say it with her, ‘There’s no place like home!’